The event is supported by:

Discount Voucher: 24 Hours of Oak Valley – Discount Voucher

Any brands wanting to use the marketing opportunity by simply giving prizes for a specific category, can contact

No branding allowed in the start/finish areas other than support sponsors. Designated sponsor areas in campsite can be arranged. No branding allowed, if not cleared by the organisers.


Gate opens at 07h00 (not earlier!) on Saturday morning.

NO camping on Friday evening. Strictly by order from the farm.

There is enough space on the big rugby field, so don’t worry.

Camping spots are first come, first serve.

Yes, you can park your car next to your camp area.

Bring stuff to make you comfortable – gazebo, chairs, lights                          (no electricity), matrass etc.
Adhere to parking/camp signs and designated areas.

Please note: NO picking of fruit in the orchards –                                         please make sure you control your kids!

Extra campers (not riders or two support crew per team/solo)                        will pay R130 for the night. (kids under 10 free).

Spectators that want to visit per day R50 at the gate.

GATE – to get your campers access bracelet:
Solo’s – give your surname.

Teams – give your team name and then your surname.

ONLY two support crew per team. ONE per solo rider.

The support crew names will be written next to team

or solo rider as they arrive at the gate.

NOTE: NO DOGS / pets allowed!

• Lime bar will be there selling cooldrinks, and other cold drinks.
• There will be food sales as well like hamburgers, boeries, chips, bacon & egg rolls etc
• The well-needed coffee stand and something sweet as well.
• Dirtopia will be selling some Trail Centre snacks like chips, energy bars etc. Also Dirtopia & Amarider merchandise for sale.

-Sports Massage will be hosted by Brad Williams Sports Science on both Sat and Sun. Rates are as follows:

R300 – 1x 30min

R490 – 2x 30min

R70 – 1x 5min ‘Stop&Go’ flush

R490 – 10x 5min ‘Stop&Go’ flush

(Payment can be made on the day using Cash, SnapScan or Card (signal pending, preparing cash for safety is recommended).

Please make contact (whatsapp easiest) and pay in advance for a 10% discount.

Fire danger
There will a central / communal braai area but you can bring your own RAISED braaidrom at your campsite or ‘skottel’ or gas. Bring your own wood.  Please be fire cautious in this sensitive area. Bring fire extinguishers if you use gas at your campsite.

NO electricity at the campsite. (You rough it up for one night!)

Bringing your own genie creates noise pollution for other campers, as well as a fire danger! Bring a fire extinguisher, also if you work with gas at your campsite. Generators must be switched off at 10pm or if there are any complaints from your fellow campers (even silent genies).

Central charging station for bike lights at the transition area building.   There are some taps with drinking water.
Warm showers and flushing toilets. PLEASE be considerate to all and leave them in decent conditions and do NOT take the toilet paper out of the loos…


Open at Oak Valley on Saturday from 07h30 – 11h30.
Admin fee applicable for any changes to teams.
If you have not paid for your timing tag – please remember to bring your R100 with to registration for a temporary trail tag (R50 cash back upon return of tag) or purchase a permanent one! If you have purchased a tag at previous events – just bring to registration

NO support crew or other riders are allowed on the course except for the 24Hour entrants.

Route info for MTB Relay:
A loop of about 10-11km with 250m of climbing. 2/3 singletrack with over 1/2 of that forested – yeehah! The longer loop will mean that novices in the fun teams will stay within the lap constraint parameters much easier and probably will mean more rest for team members.

Amarider & Trail Tag
Entrants will be timing with Amarider Trail Tag, if you have one from previous events please bring your tag along to registration. All entrants will need a TrailTag, available for purchase at R50 for a temporary trail tag.  Please note for a Temporary Trail Tag you are required to pay a R100 deposit of which you will receive R50 back upon returning it. The temporary tag will be taken off at the finish line or bring it to the info/reg office at the event. Temporary tags won’t work at future events.
This is an Amarider affiliated event.
LISTEN to the briefing at the start, how to tag in & out etc.


What bike lights do I need for the 24Hour by Extreme Lights

Click HERE 

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Expires end Febr’20

Dirtopia announces E-Bike regulations for the 24 Hours of Oak Valley

The Oak Valley course, with its first half of climbing and the long descents in the second half, is ideally suited to E-bikes.

Instead of writing a whole bunch of rules restricting the use of e-bikes, we want to let them loose and see what they can do!

The event is also a great platform to test these bikes and by introducing rules restricting the number of batteries you are allowed to use, gives everyone to see what the bikes are capable of in real-lif application.

Anyone can pitch up with 2-3 spare batteries. But racing with only one, that you can recharge, will bring an interesting dynamic and the requirement for some strategy to the race.

And in the spirit of the 24 Hour, the Fun-E class is a free-for-all unrestricted affair.

1) For this event an E-Bike will be defined as a pedal assisted bicycle and no throttle controlled e-bikes are allowed.

2) E-bikes can be ridden in the Solo Category, the Fun-E and PRO-E classes and these will be recognised at the awards ceremony.

3) FUN-E rules.

The FUN-E class is open to teams of 5-8 riders.

Any permutation of riders in the FUN-E class can use e-bikes.

These riders can be men or women in any permutation.

As per normal Fun Class rules, there can be no more than 4 laps difference in the rider with the most laps, and the rider with the least laps completed.

This is the fun class. There will be no restriction on the number of batteries used or the power of the e-bike.

Riders can share E-bikes as long as the correct racenumber is displayed on the bike and the correct tag is used through the finish line and check points.

4) E-Solo rules

The E-Solo class will have a separate awards category for Men and for Women.

Each rider must compete with ONE bike and ONE battery that may be recharged.

There will be no power restriction on the bike.

5) PRO-E class.

The PRO-E class is for E-bike squads of 4 riders.

These riders can be men or women in any permutation.

Each rider must compete with one bike and one battery that may be recharged.

There will be no power restriction on the bike.

There can be no more than 2 laps difference in the rider with the most laps, and the rider with the least laps completed.

All other rules pertaining to general competitors apply to E-bike participants including drafting and trail courtesy. Race your own race and do not interfere with any other categories.