Distance: 11.5km (more or less) 

24 Hours of Oak Valley Route Description

The 2020 route follows the tried and tested route format, with 2 new twists.

From the start at the Cricket Club we climb through the orchards to the dam. Not sure if we are going around or through, as the water level was still quite high last time I checked.

Into Raging Baboon where we cut through the field at the top like always towards Cape Leopard where, after the stile, the nasty bits await.

Granny gear action awaits to get to the top of the loop. Yes, it is painful.

The reward is the descents though and Vissie’s Magic is running perfectly.

Here is the twist though for 2020. Instead of going down “Skrik Dip” as in previous editions I have decided to add JK’s Edge. This is primarily done to create a break in the descent and allow passing.

Note that the ‘edge’ in JK’s Edge is real so don’t pressure slower riders here. There is ample room for passing immediately after.

To cut back to Vissie’s there is an old-school, flat-out, foot-out 400 meter jeeptrack DH through the field that will really allow the fast guys to let go and pass slower riders with ease.

Then into the poplars which it seems has been smoothed out (probably for the suit-and-tie crowd) with a lot less trees to negiotiate.

Fountain of Youth is the last section before the 2nd route change.

We are crossing straight onto the field and are not doing the ride past the camp (tar section). This is much easier to manage and safer, and also cuts out some of the excess meters we picked up at JK’s.

At 12,4km we are slightly longer than before but I think the mid descent climb and extra DH will give the lap better balance.

Google Earth says 350m of elevation which is probably on the high side. We’ll communicate actuals once a few garmins have been around.